artwork by parker seguirant

About the Artist

Biographical statement

Parker graduated from James Campbell High School (JCHS) in May 2011. He continues to expand his education in the arts at Leeward Community College (LCC), and other locations, which gives him the opportunity to further his learning. He is seeking a Certicate of Competence in Digita Media, and would like to work for an artist, graphic firm, or educational institution to expand his knowledge of art using various mediums. He likes to explore drawing, painting, cartooning, and theater, combining those into a digital media format. This has been a life long passion for him.

Parker’s art experiences include acting, stagecraft, ceramics, drawing, painting, and digital media. He has also taken private lessons in sculpting and painting. Parker also participated in a acting classes at Diamond Head Theater and LCC. Parker excels at detail. This is reflected in much of his drawings. Parker has developed several sketch books cataloging his illustrations. Much of his inspiration in art comes from his interests in theater and movies. His interests span from musicals to the macabre. Parker also participated in the VSA Hawaii, Hawaii Arts @ Work, Youth Apprenticeship Program. He has been exposed to master artists in the field of drawing, painting, cartooning, film, sculpting, jewelry making, and wood working. His enthusiasm for the arts grows with each experience. Participation in this program has fueled Parker’s desire for independence. Independence has not come naturally for Parker as he has Williams Syndrome. Nonetheless, with art Parker is most independent and it is with art his life is most meaningful. Through art, Parker shares his experiences and communicates most vividly with others.

Parker is preparing himself for a meaningful career in the field of art. His future work and independence would hold most meaning if he is able to share his experiences and talents through art with others.

Statement from the Artist

I am inspired by mythical non-fiction creatures. They range from the macabre to the mythical and I find them in movies, plays, and books. I am especially inspired by musicals. I find these creations bring inspiration and interest to my life. Their world is more interesting than my own and it is uplifting to be a part of their world, even if for a short time.

A series of clay pieces Audrey II, Hulk, dragon, and Godzilla are my attempt to bring some of these characters to life. Audrey II is one of my most favorite because it represents a musical, Little Shop of Horrors. I feel I grew up with its music and enjoy it a lot. The music is sweet and innocent, funky, and sinister. The music reflects the characters in the show which are good or evil, and characterizes the struggles between them through comedy, horror, tragedy, and love.

These types of movies, musicals, and stories resonate deep within me and inspire me to express them in various forms of media. Whether it be by recreating them in drawings or clay, or becoming them through the use of make-up artistry or acting, these mythical non-fictional creatures are prevalent in every day life.


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